Product No. form of delivery packing firing temperature firing colour
L204A powder bags / big bags 1380 ... 1420C red. transparent brilliant
L205A powder bags / big bags 1370 ... 1410C red. transparent brilliant
L208Apowderbags / big bags1370 ... 1410C red.transparent brilliant
L226Bpowderbags / big bags1360 ... 1400C redtransparent brilliant
L227Apowderbags / big bags1360 ... 1400C red.transparent brilliant
L228Apowderbags / big bags1350 ... 1400C red.transparent brilliant
L231Apowderbags / big bags1350 ... 1390C red.transparent brilliant
E149Apowderbags / big bags1370 ... 1410C red.ivory brilliant
E172Cpowderbags / big bags1350 ... 1400C red.ivory brilliant
E172Fpowderbags / big bags1350 ... 1400C red.ivory brilliant
K281Apowderbags / big bags1270 ... 1320C ox./red.transparent brilliant
K308Apowderbags / big bags1250 ... 1300C ox./red.transparent brilliant
K319Apowderbags / big bags1240 ... 1290C ox./red.transparent brilliant
K324Apowderbags / big bags1230 ... 1280C ox./red.transparent brilliant

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